Hinjang Chabi Awathabi ga Meitei Bori Kangtak Thongba-Vrat Special Recipe

Manipuri Mini Vegetarian Thali

After our 100th FoodieMonday Bloghop, here’s the 101st FoodieMonday Bloghop with 13 other talented Food Bloggers, of these we have six talented Food Bloggers on-board as new members. For today’s theme we have #SawanVratrecipes, as the auspicious month of Shravan begins on 23rd of July and ends on 22nd of August. My contribution is a no onion garlic Manipuri Hinjang Chabi Awathabi ga Meitei Bori Kangtak Thongba recipe.

Hindus observe fast and abstain from non-vegetarian food, garlic, onions throughout the month or on every Monday of Shravan. Milk and milk preparations, fruits and other fast preparations are eaten by those who are fasting.


Observing fast during Shravan is a recent past ritual that I have started since this ritual is followed majorly in the North, Western part, down South and some parts of Eastern India.

Fasting on religious occasions means no cook food items. Except for unboiled milk porridge type preparation with pre-soaked sago pearls or flattened rice/poha, jaggery, ripe dates, bananas, coconut and a pinch of edible camphor/karpooram or fruits, cooked pure vegetarian food is eaten only after one completes his/her fast.

Prior to sunset, post some religious rituals the day long fast is broken with some fresh fruits or the above mentioned milk porridge followed by a pure vegetarian light meal.

As a young child post-fast meal has always been a light yet elaborate affair back at my paternal home. Hence following the same even today.

For today’s theme selected by our new member Poonam Bachhav, here’s a simple Unripe Papaya and sun dried lentil dumpling delicacy with no onion and garlic.

Manipuri Pure Vegetarian Mini Thali

Hinjang Chabi Awathabi ga Meitei Bori Kangtak Thongba


1 small Unripe Papaya, peeled & seeded, chopped into equal size cubes

1/3 cup Bori/Vari, pan-fried lightly

1/2 tsp Methi maru/fenugreek seeds

1 Tbsp Maroi Nakuppi/Garlic Chives (optional)

1/2 Tbsp fresh Ginger, grated

1 dried whole Red Chilli Pepper

A pinch of Hing/Asafoetida

Salt to taste

1/3 tsp Turmeric powder

1 Tbsp Oil for shallow frying

Ghee/clarified butter for garnishing


1.Wash the papaya cubes in a colander and set aside.

2.In a pan or kadhai heat the oil, add in the whole chilli, methi maru. Let splutter.

3. Add the chopped garlic chives, hing powder and stir in for few seconds.

4.Add the papaya cubes, salt, turmeric powder, mix in gently. Cover and cook on low heat.

5.Uncover and mix in to avoid the papaya cubes from sticking at the bottom of the pan.

6.Add the fried boris, grated ginger and mix in. Gently sprinkle some water to soften the vegetable and bori. Cover and cook till the papayas and boris are done (gently press a cooked piece to check the doneness).

7.Before turning off the stove, add a tsp of ghee, fold in. Serve the cooked dish with some khechri/khichdi.

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