A 100th Bloghop & We are 14 Bloghoppers Now!

FoodieMonday Bloghop Logo

A proud moment and an unforgettable Monday today. Yes! As the title of today’s post mentioned it’s our 100th FoodieMonday Bloghop event today. An event which I had joined in with a bunch of talented fellow Food Bloggers on the 11th of March in 2016. Today as we complete a wonderful memorable 100 Bloghop theme, we are happy to have six new talented Food Bloggers on-board who will be joining us from the 101st Bloghop.

The image right above is our new, bright and lively Logo!

All these while Mondays have given me the opportunity to share some of the best delicacies through this blog. I have an honest declaration though! I wasn’t much regular with my posts prior to FoodieMonday Bloghop. Bloghopping with fellow Bloghoppers gave me an opportunity to be almost regular with my blog at the same time it motivated me to bring forth some hidden recipes from my traditional recipe closet.

My regular blogging and many traditional recipe shares gave me an opportunity to collaborate with various print media houses as well as given me a recognition of a food blogger from my region.

Non-alcoholic Beverages & Drinks

From time to time interesting themes are decided by each one of us. Ofcourse! The members are kind and understanding enough to decide themes as per each others convenience. We pre-select few topics turn by turn for each upcoming Monday, finalise by Tuesday so that each one can come up with their best dishes on the respective blogs.

Salads & Appetizers

Tagging each other on various social media sites to help increase each others visitors as well as readers has been an objective of our FoodieMonday Bloghop. Not only does this help gaining readers but our readers get to read about different interesting delicacies for a single theme.

Main Course

Helping each other, when some of us aren’t much tech savvy, hence experts put in their advices. Be it Food Photography, styling(our Photography & Styling expert Alka Jena), selecting a dish for a theme at times the Bloghoppers are always there for helping each other out.

Frozen Treat & Desserts

Our FoodieMonday WhatsApp group connects all of us globally. That’s the best part of the Bloghop group. We do not limit our conversation to the event. There are casual light hearted chats, early morning motivational quotes shared by the talented Preethi Prasad(Pree).

Traditional Delight

My journey so far has been very beautiful. From my Bake-o-phobia to the most challenging themes(only to me), all the multitasking FoodieMonday Bloghoppers have always encouraged and motivated me in one or the other way.

Wishing all heartiest Congratulations once again! Let’s keep the Spirit of FoodieMonday Bloghop intact. Welcoming our new talented members Priya Iyer, Amrita Iyer, Poonam Bacchav, Aruna Panangipally, Veena Krishna Kumar and newbie Mallika Chaudhary! Happy Bloghopping Ladies!




11 thoughts on “A 100th Bloghop & We are 14 Bloghoppers Now!

  1. Heartiest congratulations dear Pushpita for achieving this milestone. Lovely journey you had and your work kept inspiring many bloggers like me. Keep rocking. So happy that now I am a part of this Bloghop family 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations to you P …have learnt so much about traditional north east food from you ..keep rocking with your recipes and your new venture.💕

    Liked by 1 person

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