Ragi Temae Tan-Manipuri Flat Bread With Finger Millet

Millet has been one of the most valuable grains dating back to ancient civilization known to human. Grown by the indigenous communities in the Northeast of India too, traditional millets are not unknown to the region. Bringing today a traditional breakfast recipe Manipuri Temae Tan with Ragi aka finger millet which originally happens to be… Continue reading Ragi Temae Tan-Manipuri Flat Bread With Finger Millet


Sanggom Sagu Fola-A Manipuri Sweet Delicacy

It's our 102nd FoodieMonday Bloghop event, based on the theme decided by my dear friend and fellow Bloghopper Preethi Prasad #FirelessCooking, I'm back this week with yet another traditional recipe(with some tweaks) apt for Preethi's event, Manipuri Sanggom Sagu Fola. Fola as the name goes is traditionally a sanggom aphamba/yogurt & sanggom/milk based no cooking… Continue reading Sanggom Sagu Fola-A Manipuri Sweet Delicacy


Chak Angouba

Manipuri Chak Angouba or fried rice is a breakfast or brunch food item prepared with leftover rice. Chak Angouba can also prepared and eaten when you are too lazy too cook a meal. Ima prepares this fried rice by tempering freshly chopped maroi nakuppi/garlic chives and few dry red chillies then add blanched vegetables, turmeric… Continue reading Chak Angouba