Sindhi Coconut Juice-By Chanda Ramchandani

Tender coconut water is a natural fruit drink that helps fight dehydration and stomach related ailments during summer. Happy to share a traditional Sindhi Coconut Juice recipe shared by a dear friend Chanda Ramchandani. Unfortunately she isn't much active on social media as she is busy conducting cooking classes when she's not doing her regular… Continue reading Sindhi Coconut Juice-By Chanda Ramchandani


Turkish Ayran With Mint-A Cooling Yogurt Drink

  Yogurt has been an essential part of the Turkish cuisine. Be it a side dish, plain yogurt, sweets or the popular Turkish drink Ayran, it is a crucial part of the Turkish table. Yogurt a word itself with Turkish origin, it is believed that the Turks were the first to make yogurt about thousand of… Continue reading Turkish Ayran With Mint-A Cooling Yogurt Drink


Pudina Aam Sharbat-A Refreshing Summer Coolant

Fresh fruit juices and coolers are summer favourites since they are healthy and refreshing. Due to the absence of preservatives and sugar they are much healthier than the cans of sugar-laden aerated drinks and packaged fruit juices available on the local supermarket shelves. Now is the best season to consume pudina/mint by combining them with… Continue reading Pudina Aam Sharbat-A Refreshing Summer Coolant

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Banana and Dry Fruits Lassi

The celebration of  Navratri, worshiping of nine avatars(incarnation) of Goddess Durga among the Hindu community is already going on in North, West and Central India for nine days. As such Hindus belonging to these regions celebrate Navratri and observe fast for nine days. During this period consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food is considered to be inauspicious. Eating of onion… Continue reading Banana and Dry Fruits Lassi