Goan Chorizo Pork or Pork Sausages Fry

Recipe for Friday, Goan Chorizo Pork or Pork sausage, from the Indian state of Goa which is famous for its myriad beaches, local seafood delicacies and last but not the least, Feni (local liquor made of cashew and coconut). Here in Vadodara I luckily happen to have found it in a small store which stocks… Continue reading Goan Chorizo Pork or Pork Sausages Fry


Spicy Mutton Curry

Mutton or goat meat is cooked less frequently at my place. After a long time, cooked a spicy mutton curry for the weekend dinner. Otherwise, I normally avoid cooking spicy food. Giving a twist to any recipe is some times appreciated by my family rather than following the monotonous recipe. The output of any experimental… Continue reading Spicy Mutton Curry


Chicken Curry

A simple and light chicken curry which was cooked and relished with the Chahao Plain Pulao . For those of you who prefer a light and healthy chicken curry this recipe is perfect. Have a look at the ingredients and method of cooking this easy yet tasty chicken curry. Chicken Curry Ingredients Recipe for Chicken Curry… Continue reading Chicken Curry