3 Ingredients Thai Fish Curry

Thai Fish Curry in Coconut Milk

Yet to try some authentic Thai delicacies? Then this is something not to be missed. Thai Fish Curry in Coconut Milk which was relished with some piping hot plain rice. Freshly extracted coconut milk made this fish curry more flavourful along with the freshly ground curry paste.

As I was in a hurry today due to major personal commitments hence came up with the idea of cooking this simple quick yet flavourful fish curry with fresh spice and herb paste. This Thai fish curry was in my must-make list since long, with a Thai Yellow Curry paste already up on Alka’s blog, it made me easier to cook this delicacy today within half an hour. (I do have another Yellow Curry paste recipe to be shared later)

3 basic things-seafood, meat or vegetables of choice, Thai curry paste, freshly extracted or store bought coconut milk and you are ready to cook the most versatile curry without too many ingredients.

Find and note the detailed recipe of this easy peasy Thai fish curry below.

Thai Fish Curry

Thai Fish Curry

Servings 3


6-7 small size Basa Fillets (I have used store bought frozen fillets thawed before cooking)

200 ml freshly extracted Coconut Milk or store bought thick coconut milk preferably

100 ml Yellow Curry paste


1.In a pot or pan add the coconut milk and let it cook on a medium-low heat.

2.Gently rub 1/2 tsp of salt on the fish fillets and set aside.

3.Add the curry paste and gently stir to mix the paste with the coconut milk. Bring it to a rolling boil.

4.Add the fish fillet and cook for 6-7 minutes.

5.Once done garnish with some lemon basil or thai red chilli pepper julienne and serve hot with some plain rice or rice noodles.

Note: You can fry the basa fillet on both sides for 2 minutes if you prefer fried fillets.

Add salt as per your choice.

You can even make a it spicier to suit your tastebuds.

If you want a less thicker curry you can add in little water.

Sending across this 3 Ingredient Thai Fish Curry for our #86th FoodieMonday Bloghop theme #Coconutmilk.




13 thoughts on “3 Ingredients Thai Fish Curry

  1. What a healthy weeknight meal. I’m always looking for new ways to cook with yellow curry paste. It always taste wonderful in a coconut based soup or stew.


    1. Ellie! I always stock the canned fish curries every month. I guess the freshly cooked curry is unbeaten always.


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