Chaobri Chaphu-A Bowlful of Comfort Savoury Rice Porridge

Chaobri Chaphu

Ask me about my favourite food! It always has be a bowlful or a plate of rice with my favourite curry or gravy dish any day and at any time of the day. I love RICE!

Belonging to the rice eating region of the country, you will be able to understand my love and weakness for this foodgrain. So when the FoodieMonday team decided the theme of #HotOrColdRiceRecipes, I had an array of rice dish up in my mind. Initially, I finalized on making a sweet dessert however with some old friends visiting us during the weekend I had to change my thought and instead prep up for this traditional Manipuri Chaobri Chaphu, a hot and savoury rice porridge which is still enjoyed by the three of us mostly for our morning breakfast.

Traditional breakfast in most of the rice consuming areas is diverse, from panta bhat, cooked plain sticky rice with a cup of black or milk tea(I had this once at a relative’s place for breakfast as a six or seven year old kid when we had visited my Maternal Grandparents place), rice flour delicacies, sweet or savoury rice recipe ideas.

Traditionally a peasant’s delight or a dish that is cooked and eaten by the rural community for breakfast, this savoury rice porridge below is a favourite since my childhood days. A blur memory of one of my Paternal Uncle cooking it for my brother and I with broken rice or short-grained aromatic rice is all that I can still remember and cherish.

The preparation and other ingredients varies from place to place, family to family. Hence the recipe I have for you is something that is cooked and served by Ima.

Fortunately, I still continue eating this not so popular savoury porridge along with my family especially my now nine year old son who has been eating it since age two (gotten into the habit by his Maternal Granny).

With a dollop of butter over the cooked, mushy rice along with some chopped vegetables that goes into it while cooking or a boiled egg for egg lovers, sprinkle some salt and mix and enjoy this light yet filling bowl of comfort.

For the authentic foodie in me, it’s always the traditional way of relishing some plain chaobri chaphu in the morning with leftover fish curry or vegetable dish from the previous night that makes me ready for the day ahead.


Chaobri Chaphu

Yields 2 servings


1/2 cup (120ml) long or short-grained aromatic Rice(you can use broken rice too), wash and pre soak for about 30 minutes prior to cooking

1/3 cup chopped Mixed Vegetables of choice (I have used carrot, french beans, potato, onion greens)

Water for cooking


1.Add enough water to cover & cook the ingredients in a deep bottomed pot or pressure or rice cooker.

2.Add the pre soaked rice, chopped vegetables into the pot, bring it to a boil on medium flame.

3.Now gently fold in, then cover and slow-cook on low flame.

4.Check the doneness of the rice and vegetables (ideally the rice should be soft but not mushy, however if you love a mushier texture then add little more water to a porridge consistency).

5.Once done remove in a bowl, add a dollop of butter, sprinkle some salt, then mix and enjoy.

Note: You can even add slices of boiled egg and relish. If you have some leftover curry or gravy dish, you can even eat it with the curry.

Sending this Manipuri Chaobri Chaphu for our 81st Bloghop event.





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