Kesar Pista Flavoured Kheertua


Hello friends! Back with yet another festive delicacy for the upcoming Deepawali festival. From my home state of Tripura, Kheertua with Kesar and Pista.

Originally from Bangladesh, this is a local sweet delicacy made and sold in the Bengali sweetmeat shops back in my hometown.

It’s our Foodie Monday Bloghop and having missed the last two bloghop due to dengue, wanted to come forth with this dessert idea for our #DiwaliSweets theme for today.


Kheertua happens to be a delicacy which is very similar to the Bengali Channar Payesh, only difference is the added channa/paneer/cottage cheese is medium sized and oblong shaped whereas channar payesh has small round shaped channa added to the boiling milk.

The thickened milk is prepared in the similar manner like the Indian Rabri/Rabdi, once the milk halfens the oblong shape channa are added one by one into it.


Originally kheertua has added sugar, powdered green cardamom but I wanted to give this classic dessert a twist of my own and have added saffron and coarsely ground pistachios for a beautiful yellow and green hued kheertua in sync with the festive mood.

Take a look into the ingredients for this delicious dessert recipe.


For the Kheertua

2 Litre Full fat Milk

1/4 cup Sugar

1/2 cup Pistachio/Pista, coarsely ground

1/3 tsp Saffron/Kesar strands

1/2 tsp Green Cardamom powdered

For the Channa pieces

750ml Full fat Milk

1 Tbsp fresh Lemon juice


1.Bring the milk for channa to rolling boil in a pan on medium heat.

2.Once it starts boiling, add the fresh lemon juice.

3.When the milk curdles and separates from the whey turn off the flame.

4.Place a clean cheese cloth or thin clotton cloth in a colander and pour the curdled milk into it.

5.Hold it under running water and wash until the smell of the lemon juice is gone from the cheese. Squeeze out the water completely.

6.Tie and hang the cheesecloth for the water to completely drain away for about 30 mins.

7.Now remove and place the channa on a plate and knead it until it doesnot stick to the plate and your hand and your hand gets oily.

8.Divide the channa into 7 equal portion and roll into round shaped balls.

9.Now shape each ball into oblong shaped pieces and lightly press to flatten each of them a bit. Remove and set aside on a plate.

10.Put the milk for kheertua for boiling in a thick bottomed wide pan and bring it to a rolling boil on medium heat.

11.Reduce the flame to low and boil the milk till it’s half the quantity.

12.In between boiling, remove and push the layer of cream on top of the milk gently to one sideeach time and stir in after every 4 mins. Do not forget to scrape the sides of the pan too.

13.Once it’s reduced to half, add the sugar, cardamom powder, saffron strands and stir in gently.

14.Once the sugar melts add the oblong shaped channa pieces one by one into the boiling milk.

15.Cook both sides  of the channa pieces for 6 mins each.

16.Once the milk thickens turn off the flame and add the ground pista into it. Gently mix and let cool.

17.You can serve it when it cools down to room temperature or chill it and serve with a garnish of saffron strands and pista.

Note:Adjust the sugar as per your choice.

This Kesar Pista Flavoured Kheertua is to be sent for our 63rd #Bloghop event.



16 thoughts on “Kesar Pista Flavoured Kheertua

    1. Thanks much Aruna!💕 You too have an amazing blog rich in heirloom and traditional recipes.😊😊


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